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Should I apply Vietnam visa on arrival
After 3 years tightening Visa policy due to the pandemic, the Immigration Department has just approved Vietnam Electronic Visa for all nationalities. 1. What is Vietnam electronic Visa? From Feb 01st, 2017, The Vietnamese Immigration Department has implemented the e-Visa ( electronic Visa) which is valid at all international Vietnam airports, Vietnam borders and seaports….
Vietnam Visa For Bolivia Citizens
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Gain Visa Vietnam for citizens of Bolivia in the easiest and safest method without submitting any documents. Let’s get it within 24 hours.  Check requirement of Visa Vietnam for citizens of Bolivia Visa Vietnam for citizens of Bolivia is obligatory at all ports of Vietnam. Before booking hotel, flight ticket to Vietnam, it is strongly…
Paris France - Vietnam Visa
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According to the Vietnamese Immigration Department’s Regulation, France passport holders need Visa to enter Vietnam. There are 2 ways to get Vietnam Visa for French citizen: Getting Visa from the Vietnam Embassy: It means that you need to bring your passport and some required documents to go directly to the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate to...
Netherlands - Vietnam Visa
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As a Netherlands citizen, you are required Visa to arrive Vietnam. In this paper, we would like to present you all information about Vietnam Visa for Netherlands citizen. How many ways to get Vietnam Visa for Dutch? 1/ Apply for Vietnam Visa On Arrival What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival? Since 1996, Netherlands passport holders...