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Vietnam e visa, VOA for Canadian 2024 | Vietnam visa Urgent service

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Vietnam e visa, VOA for Canadian 2024

1, Does Canadian need Vietnam visa?
Yes, Canadian still needs Vietnam vis to visit and stay in Vietnam eligibly in a certain period.
2, What is VOA visa? Do Canadians get a Vietnam visa on arrival?
VOA is a short term stands for Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) in which you get the approval letter via email and get the Vietnam Immigration stamp as well as pay the stamping fee upon arrival ports. However, VOA is only valid if you go to Vietnam by airplanes.
3, What is the easiest way to get Vietnam visa on the hand?
We advise you the easiest way to get Vietnam visa on your hand is applying for a Vietnam e-visa. Why?
. It contains a barcode which will be scanned at the Immigration desk, and you do not have to get visa stamp at the separate table (like VOA procedure).
. You do not have to prepare 25 USD in cash to pay for the stamping fee. No-fee upon arrival if you choose Vietnam e-visa.

4, Can I get multiple entry-Vietnam visa online?

Yes, Canadian are eligible to apply for 1 month or 3-month multiple entry- Vietnam visa type.

5, How much for a Vietnam visa?
85 USD for 1-month single entry type, 115 USD for 1-month multiple entry visa type.

120 USD for 3-month single entry type, 150 USD for 3-month multiple entry visa type.

All above visa types-lead time is 5-6 working days for a normal service.

Vietnam visa urgent service for Canadian passengers

6, How Canadians can get Vietnam visa immediately?

Canadian can get Vietnam visa in 1 working day, 3 working days by choosing urgent or emergency service respectively.

7, Why you should choose Vietnam visa agency in an emergency case?

We can help you to expedite the visa process in 8 hours-1 working day if you do not have so much time anymore. Not only that, but we also offer you the service at the arrival airport to help you to pass throughout the Immigration desk faster and smoother.

Think about Vietnam visa in urgent case- thing of us!