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Should I apply Vietnam visa on arrival
After 3 years tightening Visa policy due to the pandemic, the Immigration Department has just approved Vietnam Electronic Visa for all nationalities. 1. What is Vietnam electronic Visa? From Feb 01st, 2017, The Vietnamese Immigration Department has implemented the e-Visa ( electronic Visa) which is valid at all international Vietnam airports, Vietnam borders and seaports….
Vietnam Travel Tips
Travel planning is an essential part of any trip no matter where you will go. It allows you to budget for your trip and saving your time as well. There are certain things you need to know before visiting Vietnam – especially if you’re a first time visitor. 1. Don’t forget checking your visa requirement…
Vietnam visa requirements in details
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It is compulsory to obtain Vietnam visa in order to visit Vietnam. However, there are not many passengers have a good view in Vietnam visa requirements in details! Vietnam visa requirements in details (new updated information) Having a good view of  Vietnam visa requirements in details help you to have a successful trip! Check whether your...
Vietnam visa requirements USA
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Is there any change in Vietnam visa requirements USA? What is the benefit from the new policy and when Vietnam Government offers visa waiver for Americans. Important changes of Vietnam visa requirements USA What is the change in Vietnam visa requirements USA? Vietnam Government has offered 1-year visas to US travelers since Jun 2016. Prior...