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Vietnam visa requirements USA | Vietnam visa for Americans

Is there any change in Vietnam visa requirements USA? What is the benefit from the new policy and when Vietnam Government offers visa waiver for Americans.

Important changes of Vietnam visa requirements USA

What is the change in Vietnam visa requirements USA? Vietnam Government has offered 1-year visas to US travelers since Jun 2016. Prior to the change, USA passport holders are legitimate to get visas that were valid from 1 to 3 months.

Why it is said that Americans get much more benefit from Vietnam visa since 2017?

From 1st Jun to October 2016, Vietnam Government has signed to the Agreement with United States of American to offer 1 year Visa for both tourists and businessmen. However, this policy brings to a result that all passengers who even do not want to enter and leave out of Vietnam for many times must get 1 year-multiple Vietnam visa and pay $135 for stamping fee.

In November 2016, after reunification between Vietnam Immigration department and Foreign Minister Affairs, Vietnam Government has official allow American passengers to get Vietnam visa from 1 month up to 1 year multiple type of Visa. By this, stamping fee of the shortest and cheapest Vietnam visa is $25. Then, 1 year multiple tourist visa is not compulsory to Americans since 2017.

When Vietnam Government offers free entry of Vietnam visa for Americans?

Vietnam Government has promulgated decree 46/NQ-CP which continues to offer Vietnam visa-free entry for 5 European countries. These includes: England, France, German, Italy and Spanish in Jun, 2016. Whereas, the relationship between United States of American and Vietnam’s governments has been established for 20 years but there is no Vietnam visa waiver policy for Americans.

In fact, the visa fee is not important compared to consumption time in visa procedure. This is also one out of many reasons which prevents tourists choose Vietnam as tourist destination.

Hopefully, Vietnam Government will offer visa waiver for Americans in the near future because the amount of Vietnamese-Americans who are living and working in United States is huge. Then, Vietnam visa requirements USA is not necessary at that time.

Should you overstay your Vietnam visa?

What happens if you overstay your Vietnam visa? You can pay a fine and get on the airplane. This is an old-dated answer. Overstay means you are illegally immigrating in another country which is not your nation country.

According to the Vietnam Immigration law updated in 2016, passengers who overstay Vietnam visa not only have to pay a fine but also have to go to Vietnam Immigration department to extend your Visa. As a result, you are not unable to get on the airplane at that time. This does mean that you not only miss your flight but also have to pay fine. Below is the amount of fine matches with the period of overstaying for your reference:

Overstay from 1 to 10 days: 50 USD
Stay over up to 1 month: 180 USD
1- 3 months: 450 USD
1 year: >700 USD and will not allowed to enter Vietnam during a specific period of time.

Interestingly, there are so many bloggers have painted their stories that they are able to pay a fine at the airport then get on the airplane. This rumor brings many terrible affects to foreign passengers. In order to learn more about the visa extension fee and procedure, please click to here.