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Traveling to Vietnam is becoming easier thanks to simplified procedures. There are 3 main ways to get Vietnam Visa in 2023: 1. Apply for Vietnam Electronic Visa (Vietnam e-Visa) From Aug 15, 2023 Vietnam Government grants Electronic Visa for all countries and territories who want to stay in Vietnam for no longer than 90 days. …
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After 2 years of implementation, the Vietnam Electronic Visa has been more extended and opened to another 35 countries which is including United States. 1/ What is Electronic Visa? Like Visa on Arrival, the Electronic Visa (E-Visa) is an electronic travel authorization from the Vietnam Government which is valid for up to 30 consecutive days….
Vietnam visa policy
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Getting acknowledged Vietnam visa policy is the priority before you go to Vietnam is necessary. Is there any way to get Vietnam visa without going to Embassy? Vietnam visa policy in details This law has been approved by the President of National Assembly- Nguyen Sinh Hung together with National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam...