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Vietnam visa rules | Vietnam visa Immigration regulations

Before purchasing for a visa to Vietnam, it would be ideal if you have full knowledge about Vietnam visa rules. In order to make it to clear, we are pleased to point out important regulations here.

General definitions related to Vietnam visa – Vietnam visa rules

The National Assembly of Vietnam has promulgated the Law on entry, exit and transit of foreigners in Vietnam. They had approved the Law no.47/2014/1H13 (revised in 2015) which clarify rights and obligations of foreigners who enter as well as exit out of Vietnam.

Let’s study about the terms interpretation before going on in details:

Foreigners: those who are non-Vietnamese nationality-passports.
Entry: foreigner’s entering into Vietnam via Vietnam’s border checkpoint.
Transit: foreigner’s staying within the area of transit checkpoints before going to the third country.
Exit: foreigner’s leaving Vietnam via Vietnam’s frontiers.
Temporary residence permit: a kind of document issued by Vietnamese authority in which foreigners can reside temporarily in Vietnam during a period of time.
Temporary residence card: a kind of certificate issued by Immigration authority to a foreigner to reside definitely in Vietnam. This card’s validity is equally valid as a Vietnam visa.
Vietnam Visa: a document issued by Vietnam Immigration department. However, applicants are legally to get Vietnam visa via Vietnam Embassy or throughout Vietnam visa agency (Vietnam visa online).

Based on Vietnam visa rules, all travelers who are non-Vietnamese citizens and who are not belonging to the Vietnam visa waiver policy must submit Vietnam visa to enter and exit out legitimately. However, who are holding Temporary residence card which is still valid do not need Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa free entry

In case foreign passengers can show up the permanent residence card or temporary residence card do not need to obtain Vietnam visa.

Vietnamese people residing overseas who have laissez-passers issued by foreign authority or who has 5-year visa exemption certificates because of their spouse or children is Vietnamese.

Also, Vietnam has offered the unilateral policy of visa-free entry for countries which have diplomatic relation with Vietnam. Not only that, Vietnam also joined the bilateral agreements of ASEAN countries. By this, citizens between these countries are able to enter and exit out of them without visa and the allowance duration is different of each country.

Vietnam visa’s symbols

NG1: issued to members of delegations who invited by the President of Vietnam, the Prime Minister, the President of

NG2: issued to members of delegations who invited by Deputy President of Vietnam, Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy President of National Assembly.

NG3: members of diplomatic missions.

NG4: who come to Vietnam to work with diplomatic missions, consular offices, representative offices of international organizations affiliated to the UN.

LV1: who work with units affiliated to Vietnam’s Communist Party, the National Assembly, the Government.

LV2: who work with socio-political organizations, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

DT: foreign lawyers who practice in Vietnam or foreign investors.

DN: who come to work with Vietnamese companies or go to Vietnam to work for their company located in Vietnam.

DL: who come to Vietnam for travelling purpose.

PV1, PV2: foreign journalists

TT: who has Vietnamese parents, spouse or children, they go to Vietnam with visiting aim.

Vietnam visa’s duration

The duration of NG1, NG2, NG3, LV1, LV2, DN, PV1, PV2, TT visa is less than 12 months.

The duration of a DL visa is not more than 3 months. Especially, American citizens have rights to get a tourist visa up to 6 months or 1 year Vietnam visa type according to the approve of Vietnam Government.