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Vietnam visa policy | Conditions for issuing Vietnam visa

Getting acknowledged Vietnam visa policy is the priority before you go to Vietnam is necessary. Is there any way to get Vietnam visa without going to Embassy?

Vietnam visa policy in details

This law has been approved by the President of National Assembly- Nguyen Sinh Hung together with National Assembly of Socialist Republic of Vietnam on June 16, 2014.

Vietnam visa policy Countries
Visa free arrivals for all tourists

for 30 days but restricted only to

the island

All countries
Visa exemption for the period up

to 15 days (since 2004)

Sweden, Japan, South Korea,

Denmark, Norway, Finland and


ASEAN Tourism Agreement

(Visa exemption for the period

up to 30 days)

Laos, Cambodia, Singapore,

Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia,


Currently, there are 3 methods to gain Vietnam visa includes: electronic visa (E-visa), Visa on arrival and visa from Embassy. In fact, visa on arrival contributes to simplify the visa procedure and it has been valid since 2012.

Furthermore, there is one more important point in Vietnam visa policy is that transit visa is not required for foreign tourists in Vietnam. However, passengers still need to apply a single entry tourist visa in case that they would like to stay outside the airport such as hotels.

Conditions for issuing Vietnam visa (follows by Vietnam visa policy)

Passenger who has passport or laissez-passer.
You are invited or guaranteed by an organization or an individual in Vietnam. In case you don’t have friends in Vietnam, please choose to apply Vietnam visa online so as to get it promptly and efficiently.
Any foreigners who come to Vietnam to invest have to show legal documents according to the law on investment.
Passengers who work in Vietnam as lawyers must obtain practice licenses.
Anyone who comes to Vietnam to study must show written acceptance from schools or universities.

In conclusion

Visa on arrival is not a strange phrase to passengers world-wide, the approval letter is official document which is valid same as Vietnam visa and it works efficient at arrival airports in Vietnam. One step to fill information to the online application form at: then you can gain your visa upon arrival.