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1 month Vietnam tourist visa | Vietnam visa exemption countries

How 1 month Vietnam tourist visa works? How many days that you can stay in Vietnam with it and is there any limitation? Check whether you are exempted from Vietnam visa or not?

Details information of 1 month Vietnam tourist visa

Vietnam 1 month tourist visa is valid for 30 days since arrival date. By this, the visa is not valid from the issued date, it starts to be valid from the allowance date on the visa label. In case passengers enter Vietnam by visa on arrival, the visa is valid from the arrival date stated on the approval letter.

  • How many types of 1 month Vietnam tourist visa?

There 2 types of 1 month Vietnam tourist visa: single entry and multiple entries.

1 month single entry: you are able to enter and exit out of Vietnam during 30 days from the valid date. However, if you leave out of Vietnam before the expiry date then your visa is not valid anymore even though the validity of period is available.

For example, your visa is valid from 1st Jan 2018 to 1st Feb, 2018 but you leave out of Vietnam on 10th Jan. As a result, your Vietnam visa is not available after 1 time using.

1 month multiple entries: similar as 1 month single tourist visa. But, you are able to visit Vietnam for many times during 30 days and there is no limitation of entries.

  • How to apply 1 month Vietnam tourist visa?

You have 2 options: going to the nearest Embassy or applying online and collect visa sticker at Vietnam airports.

It has never been easy to gain Vietnam visa by fill information to the online application form at:

Next: receive the result- approval letter within 24 hours, print out to get boarding pass at departure airport.

Final, applicants need to show approval letter, 2 passport photos in size of 4×6 cm to collect Vietnam visa at Vietnam arrival airports.

  • How much does it cost?

The processing fee of 1 month Vietnam tourist visa (single entry) is 18 USD and it is 23 USD for multiple entries.

Follow by processing fee is stamping fee which passengers have to pay for Vietnam Government to gain Vietnam visa sticker at arrival airports. It is 25 USD for single entry and 50 USD for 1 month multiple visa.

If you apply at Vietnam Embassy, it is 100 USD at Vietnam Embassy in Washington D.C and 99 AUD in Australia or 133 USD in Canada. Regards to the procedure at Vietnam Embassy, you need to apply in person and prepare related documents.

Vietnam visa exemption countries – 1 month Vietnam tourist visa is not required

Bilateral arrangement: citizens from these countries do not need to apply 1 month Vietnam tourist visa.

Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia: no visa requirement for 30 days.

Philippines: less than 21 days visa exemption.

Brunei and Myanmar: less than 14 days

Chile: less than 90 days.

Unilateral arrangement: Sweden, Norway, Spain, Finland, Russia, Japan, Korea and Italy.