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6 month-Vietnam visa for US citizens|

We had received many questions of Vietnam visa over 10 years. This writing will help you to understand more about 6-month Vietnam visa for US citizens.

Who are able to apply 6 month-Vietnam visa?

In terms of 6 month-Vietnam tourist visa, there is only citizens of America able to obtain it currently. This kind of Visa is suitable for those who want to get around-trip within Asian countries but come back to Vietnam as departure airport. Similarly, 6-month tourist visa is more convenient for those who have friends or family member are staying in Vietnam and they take a trip to Vietnam for many times.

In the other hand, 6 month-business Vietnam visa is available for almost nationalities. This kind of Visa is suitable for both businessmen and interns.

How much does 6 month-Vietnam visa cost?

The stamping fee of 6 month-Vietnam visa is 95 USD. Regards to the processing fee, you need to enter here and choose your nationality respectively for details.

Benefits of 6 month-Vietnam visa

6 month-tourist visa

In case of getting 6 month-tourist visa, you can save 30 USD in total in accordance with getting 3 month-visa for 2 times. Also, this type of visa helps passengers who have plan to go to Vietnam usually to save time from getting visa for many times at the airport.

What is more? Currently, there is no limitation of number of entry and exit within 6 months according to Vietnam Immigration law.


Even though 6-month visa brings a lot of benefits, it is not comfortable for those who want to stay in Vietnam during 6 months without leaving. Why? Vietnam Immigration law stated that 6-month tourist visa keepers must leave out of Vietnam per 30 days while they have 6 month-visa validity.

 6 month-business visa

In case of 6 month-business visa, there is no different with getting 3 month-business visa for 2 times separately. However, you do not need to leave out of Vietnam per 30 days compared to 6 month-tourist type.

So far, there is no disadvantage when you obtain 6 month-business Vietnam visa.