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Vietnam Coronavirus regulations – Vietnam Health Declaration updates

Here is all about new updates regards to Vietnam Coronavirus regulation 2022 and Vietnam Health Declaration.

Vietnam Coronavirus regulations after May 2022

Do you need a vaccination record to travel to Vietnam?

Since 15th March all travelers who go to Vietnam do not need to submit a vaccination record or a Vaccine passport.

Vietnam Government has fully re-opened almost boarders for travelers from over 200 countries after the middle of March 2022. By this, Vietnam Government has encouraged to vaccinate for all citizens as fast as possible before opening their borders again. Therefore, it is quite safe for foreigners who want to visit Vietnam now.

Will you be tested COVID-19 again at Vietnam airports?

Before 25th April, all foreigners enter Vietnam with a negative RT-PCR Test still need to test again at Vietnam airports again after arriving. This affected to the Nation tourism sector recover as well as take a lot of time of all visitors. Also, the Covid-19 cases have drastically decreased.

Therefore, the Vietnam Government decided not to test foreign travelers again at all routes after 25th April.

Travel insurance which covers Covid-19 Treatment is necessary?

Recently there is no requirement Travel insurance as compulsory. However, we are pleased to recommend you prepare the one which cover the Covid-19 treatment with a caption of minimum of 10.000 USD.

The Hotline of Vietnam’s health Department:

Anyone including foreigners who has experienced of the symptoms- fever, cough and difficult to breath should immediately call to 19003228.

Vietnam Health Declaration Updates 2022

You need to submit the health declaration online before arriving Vietnam?

During the pandemic the Ministry requires all foreigners as well as Vietnamese who come to Vietnam from outside need to declare Health Status online at

Luckily, the pandemic has been put under control now in Vietnam. In consequence, the Ministry sent an urgent document to announce to stop Health Declaration temporarily for arrivals since 27th April.

All documents you need to enter Vietnam after May 2022

Vietnam visa

Currently, there are no self-isolation as well as Covid-19 Vaccine Passport or PCR-Test Result required. Have a happy Travel to Vietnam!