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Vietnam e visa official site 2018 | How to recognize a scam site

It is important to make sure visitors receive fully Vietnam visa. In order to gain Vietnam visa, they need to apply at Vietnam e visa official site 2018!

Vietnam e visa official site 2018 –

Why you need to find a Vietnam e visa official site 2018? Because this is the 2nd gateway to obtain Vietnam visa. It helps you to save time and money instead of going to Vietnam Embassy. Not only that, we are also a travel agency- that why you are guaranteed to get Vietnam visa without any document requirements. Importantly, so as to get a Visa on arrival, passengers must have an official approval letter in advance to present at arrival airports. These include: Danang, Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi (visa on arrival).

How the procedure of Vietnam visa if you apply at

You need approval letter before entering Vietnam by register information at:

After filling out information and ultimately you receive a confirmation email.

Next, you need to settle payment online via Paypal or by your credit card.

Final, you will receive the approval letter like this to get visa at Vietnam airport!

approval letter at Vietnam e visa official site 2018
approval letter at Vietnam e visa official site 2018

How users can recognize a scam site

Getting stuck in the feeling of scammed is always terrible. So, let’s check how you can recognize scam ones by following tips!

One of common signature which we received as feedbacks from our customers, scam websites inform that the normal procedure takes 2-3 working days (tourist visa).

Second signature is: they show on their website that they are Vietnam Embassy while Vietnam Embassy issues visa as paper (not online).

Next common signature is: the speed of website’s loading is very slow and image on website is not clear!

Should you apply online to get Vietnam visa?

Yes, you should because it is efficient and approved by Government (the Circular No.1157/2015/TT-CP).

Also, this system helps businessmen in last-minute to go to Vietnam for conferences or travellers who are unable to apply directly at Vietnam Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam.

Don’t let such easy-issue like getting visa makes you down! Apply visa online at Vietnam e visa official site 2018 helps your trip becomes successful and save a lot of money!