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Vietnam visa 2018 – necessary information | updated regulations

Be acknowledged about Vietnam visa 2018 information or you have to face to problems! We offer you all information in details – updated regulations of Vietnam Government.

What is Vietnam visa?

Until now there are so many travelers still miss-understand between visa and passports. What are differences in these kinds of documents? In fact, visa is not a strange document with those who usually travel abroad.

Vietnam visa is a must-document that you have to show-up at the Immigration desks at the airports, landing borders or sea-borders before entering inside Vietnam. However, you will not need Vietnam visa if you are citizens of these cities.

Furthermore, Vietnam visa is only a sticker enclosed to 1 page of passport while passport is a small book includes many pages which shows up enough information of the owner.

Why do you need Vietnam visa?

It is necessary for you to get Vietnam visa before purchasing flight ticket. Vietnam visa is a proof which proves you have a right to enter and exit Vietnam legally.

Who need Vietnam visa?

Anyone who is non-Vietnamese citizen needs Vietnam visa so as to enter Vietnam legitimately obeys to the Immigration law of Vietnam. However, citizens from 87 countries belonged to Vietnam visa exemption do not need visa to go to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa 2018- New updated Vietnam Immigration regulations

There are some new points in Vietnam enter and exit regulations after the meeting of the National Assembly of Vietnam in 2015.

First, since 01st Jan 2017 all passengers after entering Vietnam are unable to change visa-type on their visa.

Secondly, the new Immigration law assigns clearly about enter, exit as well as transit rights of passengers.

Also, the period of Vietnam visa’s validity is increased up to 5 years while in the past, visa is valid for 12 months as maximum. Besides, working visa is valid up to 2 years and investment-visa type is valid to 5 years.

How to get Vietnam visa?

Step 1: you just need to type up your information directly at:
Next step : check your mail box within 24 hours, we will send the approval letter via your email within 24-48 hours since the date of applying online on our website, download then print it out.

Final: Prepare the approval letter, your passport, the entry and exit form and 2 passport photos in size of 4×6 cm to get Vietnam Visa at the international airports.

Vietnam visa fee 2018

Based on the regulation decree 47/2014/QH13 promulgated in 2014, Vietnam Government has changed the stamping fee from $45 to $25 (the shortest-period visa) in the end of 2016.

Also the Vietnam visa fee includes: the processing fee and the stamping fee. In details, the processing fee is the fee that you have to pay for the Immigration department or the travel agency to process visa for you.

Interestingly, there are so many websites offers cheap fees recently. However, you need to study in further to choose the official website to apply thoroughly.

Regards to the stamping fee, this fee is a compulsory fee at Vietnam airports that travelers have to pay for Vietnam Government in order to get Vietnam visa sticker onto your passport.

*Stamping fee (updated 2018)

25 USD: for single entry visa from 1 to 3 month-validity
50 USD: for1 and 3 month-validity with multiple entries
95 USD: 6 months with multiple entries
135 USD: 1 year-visa type with multiple entries.

*Processing fee (Vietnam visa fee 2018)