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Vietnam Visa for Saudi Arabian- How to get a Vietnamese visa

Obtaining Vietnam Visa  for Saudi Arabian in 3 simple steps, 100% guaranteed, no hidden fee. Applying at the official site with over 10 year experience.

Do Saudi Arabia citizens need Vietnam Visa for Saudi Arabian to enter Vietnam?

Yes, Showing up Vietnam Visa for Saudi Arabian on their passport at the Immigration desk is compulsory in order to enter Vietnam legitimately.

Importantly, if you do not have Vietnam Visa, you have to leave out of Vietnam consequently obeys to the Immigration law of Vietnam.

Vietnam Visa for Saudi Arabian- how to get Vietnam Visa?

We are able to help you to get Vietnam Visa  for Saudi Arabian up to 3 month-validity without requiring you any documents.

Option 1: you can down load the Vietnamese visa application form. Subsequently, filling your information and send to the Visa department via email: [email protected]

Option 2: Typing up all your information directly at

In case you do not book your flight, you still be able to apply Visa by estimating your arrival date because you can enter later and at any time during the allowance period.

After 2 working days, you can receive the approval letter from the Immigration department of Vietnam. As a result of the procedure, it does mean that you are eligible to enter Vietnam legitimately. More importantly, we are able to help you to get it in your hand within 30 minutes.

In fact, Visa on arrival is the most efficient method which billions travelers have voted for 4 years since 2012.

Get Vietnam Visa for Saudi Arabian at Embassy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia           

Saudi Arabian can choose to apply by themselves in person or sending documents and their original passport to the Embassy office. Also, the processing time takes around 7 working days since the date they submit dossier. However, gaining Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian by this way takes you much more time and money compared to Vietnam visa on arrival method.

Address: 49 Emir Abbu Al-Majeed, Al- Rayiial Area, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +96614911377
E-mail: [email protected]

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