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Vietnam visa for Cape Verdeans – All Vietnam visa guide in details

Gain Vietnam visa for Cape Verdeans at all frontiers without submitting any documents. All benefits of Vietnam visa you need to know!

Is Vietnam visa for Cape Verdeans compulsory at boundaries of Vietnam?

Yes, it is. Vietnam visa for Cape Verdeans is unavoidable documents which passengers need to show at all Vietnam Immigration desks. Without Vietnam visa, passengers are judged as being fail to follow the Vietnam Immigration law and will be denied at all frontier gates.

In general, in almost circumstances applicants need Vietnam visa for Cape Verdeans so as to enter Vietnam legally except those who transit in Vietnam less than 24 hours and enter Phu Quoc Island directly.

How to apply Vietnam visa for Cape Verdeans passport holders?

There are 2 methods these days to gain Vietnam visa.

  1. Visa on arrival – get the approval letter in advance then get Vietnam visa for Cape Verdeans upon arrival (efficient method- highly recommend)

Step 1: fill information directly at:

Next step: receive the result- the approval letter issued from Vietnam Immigration department via email within 24 hours (normal service). Especially, it takes 4-8 hours for urgent service and less than 30 minutes for emergency circumstance.

Final step: print out the approval letter and bring your original passport to get Vietnam visa sticker at Vietnam airports.


+ Fast procedure, you are guaranteed by
+ No required documents.

  1. Apply at Vietnam Embassy

This method is only suitable for those who live nearby Vietnam Embassy and have a plenty of time as well as are able to prepare by themselves many documents. Not only that, there are so necessary documents for a general circumstance includes: invitation letter, labor contract, 2 way-tickets.

Unfortunately, there is no Vietnam Embassy has been set-up in Cape Verde until now. Therefore, the priority method presently for Cape Verdeans citizens is “Vietnam visa on arrival”. However, applicants who have enough time and budget for Visa procedure at Vietnam Embassy can find further information about Vietnam Embassies world-wide here.

Vietnam travel tips for expats from Cape Verde

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Additionally, if you want to extend Visa after that please contact us at: [email protected]

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