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Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens – Vietnam Embassy information

How to apply Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens legitimately? Apply at the official site to gain Vietnam visa from Government.

Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens is compulsory at frontiers of Vietnam?

Even Comorian passport holders are able to access 48 countries without Visa but Comorian nationality is not listed in the Vietnam visa exemption policy. Therefore, Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens is required at all frontiers of Vietnam.

 Even though the Vietnam Immigration law has been published, there are so many tourists enter Vietnam without Vietnam visa. Consequently, they can not enter at all borders of Vietnam.

Interestingly, applicants who do not know they have to obtain Vietnam visa in advance can apply at departure airports can apply online to get Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens within 30 minutes.

How to apply Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens?

Unfortunately, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam has been established in Comoros, Moroni. Furthermore, there is no Vietnam Embassy in neighbor countries of Comoros. Hence, the only way to obtain Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens is “Visa on arrival”

Visa on arrival – get the approval letter in advance then get Vietnam visa for Comorian citizens upon arrival.

These days, billions of tourists have voted this method as optimal and Government has approved for this method since Nov 2012. By this, applicants just need to follow 3 steps as below:

Step 1: fill information directly at:

Next step: receive the result- the approval letter issued from Vietnam Immigration department via email within 24 hours (normal service). Especially, it takes 4-8 hours for urgent service and less than 30 minutes for emergency circumstance.

Final step: print out the approval letter and bring your original passport to get Vietnam visa sticker at Vietnam airports.


+ Fast procedure, is responsible for your stay in Vietnam, that is why you do not need to submit us any documents.

+ No required documents.

Vietnam Embassy information for citizens of Comoros

Until now, there is no information about Vietnam Embassy in Comoros. However, if Comorian applicants really want to apply Vietnam visa by themselves or who live in another country but holding Comorian passport, they can apply Vietnam visa at their current country.

Kindly find more information of Vietnam Embassy world-wide here.