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Vietnam visa for Djiboutian citizens – Vietnam visa guide

Gain Vietnam visa for Djiboutian citizens without documents. All necessary information you need to know before going to Vietnam.

Vietnam visa for Djiboutian is an unavoidable document at all Vietnam borders?

Even Djiboutian passport holders are able to access 44 countries and territories without Visa. However, obeys to the new Immigration law of Vietnam, passengers from Djibouti must obtain Vietnam visa for Djiboutian citizens in order to enter Vietnam legitimately.

On the other hand, Vietnam Government offer free-entry Visa for those who just transit in Vietnam less than 24 hours but they have to show the legal ticket which match to the 3rd country as the final destination.

How to get Vietnam visa for Djiboutian efficiently?

There are 2 official methods in order to gain Vietnam visa :

  • Visa on arrival

This way has been voted and recommended because of its safe and cheap cost compared to the traditional method. The whole procedure contains 3 main steps.
First of all: typing up your information on your passport onto the application form online at:

After that: we will send you the approval letter from the Immigration department within 24 hours (normal service). It takes 4-8 hours for urgent service and less than 30 minutes for emergency case.

Final step: print out the approval letter we sent you to gain Visa sticker onto your passport at Vietnam airports.

  • Apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy

Apply Vietnam visa for Djiboutian is not only complicated but also impossible in reality because there is no Vietnam Embassy has been established in Djibouti as well as countries which is closed to Djibouti such as Kuwait, Yemen, Ethiopia.

However, those who want to obtain Vietnam visa for Djiboutian in advance can find travel agency in Djibouti to apply visa.

Vietnam Embassy information

You may need further information about Vietnam Embassies located around the world here.