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Vietnam visa guidance 2020 | Common questions related to Vietnam visa

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, you may need Vietnam visa guidance info! And there are many valuable notices that you need to know.

Vietnam visa guidance| Full guide to Vietnam 2020

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Vietnam visa fee: Approval letter fee + stamping fee

Stamping fee applied at Vietnam airports 2020 (Business &Tourist)

1 month/3 month single entry 25 USD
1 month/3 month multiple entries 50 USD
6 month multiple entries 95 USD
1 year multiple entries

135 USD

*Notice: you need to pay for the stamping fee in cash because there is no ATM before passing through the Immigration counter.

Common questions of Vietnam visa (Q&A)

How far in advance that I need to apply for a Vietnamese visa?

Maximum: 1 year. The approval letter is available for 1 year, so you can apply for several days or months in advance. More interestingly, you are able to apply before 3 days with the cheapest service because our process takes only 1 working day.

How do I apply for a Vietnamese visa – Vietnam visa guidance?

All you need to do is filling information into the online application form.
After selecting visa option, next step is: entering personal information which matches to ones on your passport.

Full name: As in your passport, Given/Middle/Family
Gender: select Male/ Female
Date of birth: dd/mm/yyyy
Select Nationality
Passport number

Which nationalities are eligible for Visa on arrival?

In 2012 the Government had approved for the Visa on arrival system in the purpose of supporting all passengers world-wide. Hence, almost citizens come from 199 countries are able to apply Vietnam visa online.

Is it easy to get Vietnamese visa? Is there any hassle at the airport?

Since Vietnam visa on arrival has become legal, there is no way to scare any problems. Actually, there is not real information on some websites looks same as Embassy stated and listed some scam website’s names. This is incorrect information and makes applicants feel confused.

In order to explain why nowadays passengers feel easy to apply throughout a visa company and do not need to go Embassy anymore:

+ They found the service at Embassy is not good, uncomfortable and many documents required.

+ Visa companies are legitimately to guarantee for the entry and exit of passengers under their Legal Business Status. And this is matched to the Immigration law No.47/2014/QH13.

In conclusion, getting Vietnam visa recently is not a hindrance, just applying online, getting the approval letter means you are able to enter Vietnam legally!

What is the procedure at Visa landing counter?

After landing, you will find a counter is called “Visa upon arrival” or “Landing Visa counter” which is set-up near to the Immigration counter.

Next, you need to submit below documents:

+ The approval letter is printed in to paper already
+ Original passport (Travel document is not valid in this case).
+ NA1 Form
+ Cash to pay for stamping fee

Final, you just need to take a seat and wait for the officer, she/he will call your name then you can collect the visa sticker onto your passport page.

What happens if I did not apply Vietnam visa in advance?

You will be denied to Immigrate in Vietnam and need to buy ticket to go out of Vietnam. There is no way to do Visa at the airport after landing!

How many passport pages needed to get Vietnam visa?

2 pages are necessary to getting Vietnam visa and Entry &Exit stamps.

When I need to use e-visa?

Visa on arrival is applied at Vietnam airports only. Therefore, in order to get visa by crossing the landing borders, sea-borders you need to apply e-visa (electronic visa).

How I know a scam Vietnam visa website?

Actually, there is no scam in this Vietnam visa field. There is only difference in service only! How they treat you well is just stated in the price. Of course, cheap price is cheap service and high price is really the King service.

Vietnam Government and polices always follow and check which website is scam to protect passengers and keep Vietnam tourist’s reputation. Hence, applicant do not have to worry about this problem.