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Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens- تأشيرة فيتنام للمواطنين الأردنيين

Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens is obligatory at all boundaries? All information passengers need to know before travelling to Vietnam.

Why Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens is needed?

In accordance with Vietnam Immigration law for expatriates, Jordan neither belongs to the unilateral agreement nor bilateral agreement with Vietnam Government. Therefore, Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens is a must document which all Jordanian passengers have to show at all borders of Vietnam. Furthermore, Vietnam visa reflects Jordanian traveler has been under permission to enter Vietnam during a specific period. Hence, all Jordanian passport holders travel to Vietnam without visa has been valuated as they immigrate or enter Vietnam illegitimately.

In addition, Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens is a stamp on applicant’s passports by the Immigration department throughout Vietnam Embassy.  Similarly, the other way to gain Vietnam visa stamp is using “Visa on arrival” method.

In the other hand, Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens is not necessary in case Jordanian travelers fly directly from outside Vietnam to Phu Quoc Island by air and stay there less than 15 days.

How many ways to get Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens?

There are 2 legal methods in order to gain Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens:

  • Visa on arrival ( get pre-approval letter and pick up Vietnam visa at Vietnam airports)

This method is also a straight way, easy process to obtain both tourist and business Vietnam visa and has been valid since 2012.

First of all: fill-in your information directly at:

After that: we will send you the approval letter from the Immigration department within 24 hours (normal service). It takes 4-8 hours for urgent service and less than 30 minutes for emergency case.

Final step: print out the approval letter we sent you to gain Visa sticker onto your passport at Vietnam airports.

  • Apply Vietnam visa for Jordanian citizens at Embassy

The procedure at Embassy takes at least 5- 7 working days. Once documents are under possess, you will gain a fully stamp Visa on your passport in advance.

Even this way brings to you Vietnam visa in advance but you have to show many complicated documents and certificates. It contains: invitation letter from an organization or an individual in Vietnam, proof of entry purpose, application form and 2 passport photos. Other documents are also needed based on each visa type.

However, this way is not efficient because there is no Vietnam Embassy as well as the Consulate of Vietnam in Jordan until now. It will cost you so much flight and hotel cost to go to neighbor countries to apply at Embassy directly or you have to send passport via postal service.

Vietnam Embassy information for Jordanians

Jordanian applicant who has enough time and budget can go to countries which are close to Jordan such as Israel or Egypt to apply visa at Embassy.

Vietnam Embassy in Egypt
Address: 47 Ahmed Heshmat, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +202 2736 4327
Working hours: from Monday to Friday, 8.00 AM-12.00PM, 14.00 PM-17.00 PM