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Vietnam visa on arrival for Indian | Vietnam immigration

Currently, there are many passengers do not know whether they should choose “Vietnam visa on arrival” or not. Therefore, let’s discuss together about it!

Indian needs a visa to Vietnam? What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

Yes, Indian passengers still need visa to visit or work in Vietnam. In order to explain why, we would like to extract Vietnam Immigration law at decree No.47/2014/QH13 for you. In details, it is stated that “any foreigner is not belonging to current visa exemption policy must obtain visa to enter Vietnam”. At the same time, this law deals with rights and obligations to those who enter, leave or reside in Vietnam.

For this reason, until now Indian passport holders still need visa to Vietnam legitimately. However, luckily for those who live far away from Vietnam Embassy’s location because of new approval from Government from Feb 2012. In particular, “Vietnam visa on arrival” has been valid and put under experimental period firstly in Feb 2012 which helps millions of travelers satisfied to travel to Vietnam.

Overall, what is Vietnam visa on arrival and how does it work?

Firstly, according to Article 18 of Vietnam Immigration law, all foreigners are able to use “Vietnam visa on arrival” method via visa agencies.

Second, Visa on arrival paperwork is not issued from Vietnam Embassy but Vietnam Immigration has approved and issued it. Therefore, it is legal by law. Visa on arrival means get pre- Visa in advance and get visa sticker on arrival of destination airport.

More important, how does it work?

At step 1: you need to extract information from your passport to the online application form at:

Next, wait for your result and download the approval letter in PDF file via email.

Final step: print out approval letter. Preparing a full set document for arrival, it includes: original passport, approval letter and 2 passport photos.

Where to get Vietnam visa sticker? At arrival airport, there are 2 counters you will see: immigration counter and visa landing counter. What you need to do is submitting documents as above there and get Vietnam visa sticker then pass throughout Immigration counter. It is easy and helpful system!

What you need to do with Vietnam visa on arrival at immigration desk at the airport?

After getting visa sticker, you are fully legal to pass through Immigration desk. By the way, make sure that you has followed Vietnam custom well.