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Vietnam visa on arrival 2023 is convenient and cheap for those who just have a short trip in Vietnam and travel by air.

Why should you choose Vietnam visa on arrival from 2023?

  1. cheap, the service fee is 39 USD.
  2. The stamping fee at the airport is 25 USD.
  3. If you need to have Vietnam visa to be able to buy or reserve flight tickets, then Vietnam visa on arrival is a good idea. You just estimate your arrival date to apply Vietnam visa and you can enter after the arrival date on the approval letter when you already got the official flight ticket.
  4. You need to enter Vietnam in the emergency case, Visa on arrival is the fastest way to get Vietnam visa in 1 day or even 1 hour while the Vietnam e-visa process normally takes 5 working days.
  5. Visa on arrival is valid for almost nationalities-citizens is from 180 countries and territories, friendly and fast.
  6. You do not to approve that you travel in Vietnam under the guarantee of a Vietnam travel agency.

How much for a Vietnam visa on arrival 2023?

The visa service updated in 2023 is 39 USD and takes 3-5 working days for a normal process.

The extra fee for an urgent case takes you for more 49 USD to get the approval letter in 2 days.

Especially, you can get Vietnam visa approval letter in 24 hours by paying extra of 79 USD.

3 steps to receive Vietnam visa in your hands:

Step 1:

Choose the number of applicants, purpose of visit, arrival airport-exit port and choose the processing time at :

2nd Step:

Fill your full name (First name-Middle name-Family name) into the information column, select your date of birth (year/month/date), select nationality and fill your passport number, your email address.

Final step:

Settle payment and wait for the result which will be sent via the register email address. Please contact us immediately if you do not receive result or confirmed information after paying.

What is “Vietnam visa run” 2023?

Vietnam visa run is a new term for those who refer to stay in Vietnam for a short of period while waiting for Thai Lan visa, Laos or China, Cambodia visa.

If you travel by air, Visa on arrival is the best option. However, if you tend to enter Vietnam crossing boarders then we advise you to get Vietnam e-visa. Because Vietnam e-visa is eligible to enter Vietnam throughout 8 international airports, 13 land ports and 7 seaports.

The new regulations of Vietnam visa in 2023

E-visa is easily to extend Vietnam visa compared to Vietnam visa on arrival.

12 below countries is exempt from Vietnam visa from 15 days to 45 days in 2023 updated:

South Korea
United Kingdom