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Vietnam weather in September | Where to go in Vietnam in September

Check Vietnam weather in September before visiting helps you to enjoy a wonderful trip. Also, let’s see where to go in Vietnam in September!

Vietnam weather in September 2019

General: both locals and foreign travelers have voted for September as the favorite month of the year. That is because it is not too hot or not too cold, there is no humidity in September.

Hanoi the temperature in September is quite stable and there will be around 4 rainy days in September 2019 estimated. Also, average temperature is around 27°C. In details, the lowest is about 23°C and the highest one is approximately 32°C.

Ho Chi Minh it is estimated that the average rainfall in 2019 is decreased so that you do not have to worry about typhoon or big rains. However, prepare raincoat in the evening is necessary. The average temperature is approximately 28°C.

Da Nang September’s weather is unstable because it is the season between summer and autumn. It will be sunny in the morning but rainy in the afternoon.  To be more specific, the highest temperature is around 35°C and the lowest one is roughly 21°C.

Where to go in Vietnam in September

Sapa – The ideal destination to visit in September

Sapa’s weather in this month is extremely perfect because the weather turns to Autumn so it not too hot or too cold. To be more specific, the temperature will be around 18-22°C in the morning and 13-16°C in the evening, humidity is less than 70%. There are many interesting activities in Sapa during this month such as: climbing the Fansipan Mountain, visiting Silver waterfall or Love waterfall.

Amazing view from the top of Fansipan

Mekong River Delta or Southwest

From September to November is the floating water season. Therefore, if you visit the Southwest of Vietnam at this time there are many chances to contemplate many beautiful sceneries. For example, rowing a boat to visit and enjoy the beautiful lotus field in Thap Muoi. (It is located away from Ho Chi Minh around 130 kilometers in the South).

Lotus field in Thap Muoi

Tra Su Cajuput Forest (An Giang) is also a must- visited destination during this time. Coming here, you will have an opportunity to be in the Mother Nature with thousands of cajuput trees and loquacious bird-song.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest (An Giang)

Ha Giang- Buckwheat flower season

Buckwheat season starts from September to November. So you will be satisfied by purple color of Buckwheat blooming in everywhere in Ha Giang during this time. Even the official festival of Buckwheat is normally celebrated in the late of October. However, there are still many other interesting activities: visit terraced rice fields, photo exhibition in the Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark, visit old market in Dong Van town.

Buckwheat flower season