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How to get Vietnam Visa

Types and issuance of Vietnam visas

Vietnam’s visa types are based on length of stay, rather than purpose of travel. So if you’re planning a short-term stay, whether you’re on business or holiday.

These can be obtained in person at Vietnamese embassies or consulates. Some embassies or consulates offer mail-in options. The process is straightforward and hassle-free if you plan well enough in advance!  Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without a visa. A passport with at least 6 months validity is needed.

If you are traveling to Vietnam by air, another option is the Vietnam Visa On Arrival. It’s very easy to get Vietnam Visa and other services like car pickup or fast track if you want.

Visa On Arrival

This is now the preferred method for most travelers arriving by air, since it’s cheaper, faster and you don’t have to part with your passport by posting it to an embassy. It can only be used if you are flying into any of Vietnam’s five international airports, not at land crossings. The process is straightforward: you fill out an online application form and pay the agency fee (around US$20). You’ll then receive by email a Visa on Arrival approval letter signed by Vietnamese immigration which you print out and show on arrival in a separate queue at customs, where you pay your visa stamping fee in US dollars, cash only. The single-entry stamping fee is US$25, a multiple-entry stamping fee is US$50. There is no additional visa fee. There are many visa agents, but we recommend you stick to well-established companies, the following professional and efficient:

Vietnam Visa Online

Step to get Vietnam Visa

1. Visit this site 

2. You need to complete online application form

3. After filling the form, you should review the form to make your information is correct, them submit the form.

4. Settle payment visa safe payment gateway. (Paypal, Stripe) by your credit card. 

5. You will receive approve letter to your email

6. Getting Visa Stamp upon arrival at Vietnam International Airports

Or You can refer step by step to apply Vietnam Visa follow this  video.