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Vietnam visa for citizens from Belgium | Vietnam visa fee 2017

Is Vietnam visa for citizens from Belgium compulsory at all frontiers? Apply at for a bright journey!

Tourist Vietnam visa for citizens from Belgium

Vietnam Visa is a compulsory document for all nationalities which is not belonging to the exemption list in order to enter Vietnam legitimately obeys to the Immigration law of Government. Similarly, this policy is also applied for citizens from Belgium.

Not only the Vietnam Visa but also Belgian can show the approval letter instead to check in at departure airport and get Vietnam Visa for citizens from Belgium at Vietnam airports legally.

Getting a vietnam visa for citizens from belgium at any place outside vietnam

There are 2 official ways to get Visa to Vietnam from Belgium:

  • Vietnam visa for citizens from Belgium on arrival- get the approval letter in your hand prior to travel.

You need to obtain it in your hand before travelling because you can’t check in from your departure airport without Vietnam Visa or approval letter. Moreover, this method is safe, 100% guaranteed as well as fast and cheap compared to the tradition one (apply at Embassy).

What you need to do to get Vietnam visa for citizens from Belgium?

Step 1: Fill information onto the Vietnam application form online at:
Next: Receive the result- the approval letter via your email within 24 hours (normal service), 4-8 working hours (urgent service). Especially, it takes less than 30 minutes (emergency case).
Final step: print out the approval letter so as to get Vietnam Visa at landing counter at the airports.

  • Apply at Vietnam Embassy in Belgium

Please prepare the post office expense also then the Embassy can send Visa back to you when it is finished. This way is complex and the interview may be required in some cases.

Address: 1 Boulevard General Jacques 1050 Brussels.
Phone: 32-2-3792737
Working hours: from Monday to Friday, 8.30-11.30 am and 14.00-17.30pm.

Business Vietnam visa for citizens from Belgium

Are you looking forward to staying in Vietnam for more than 3 months or 1 year? If yes, it is highly recommended you to apply online to get Business Visa type with the symbol as “DN” on Visa sticker onto your passport at Vietnam airports. More importantly, you do not have to submit any working papers to work or do business in Vietnam.

Regards to the procedure, it is same as Tourist Vietnam visa for citizens from Belgium as above with 3 simple steps by filling information directly here:

Visa fee to Vietnam for citizens of Belgium

+ Tourist visa Vietnam cost

1 month single 1 month multiple 3 month single 3 month multiple
1 applicant 19 24 19 55
2-3 applicants 17 22 27 53
4-5 applicants 15 19 24 50
6-9 applicants 14 17 22 48
>= 10 applicants 12 16 20 46

+ Business visa Vietnam cost

1 month single 1 month multiple 3 month single 3 month multiple 6 month multiple 1 year multiple
Per person 129 139 149 159 350 550


As many applicants apply at the same time, as many percentages of discount that your group can gain. For example, if you apply business visa type for your group from 3 applicants upwards, please contact us by email in order to get a higher promotion code.

Last but not least, kindly feel free to contact us at: visa@vietnam-visaonline.[/