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How to know a reliable Vietnam visa website | 3 main points to identify

“I need a legitimate website to apply Vietnam visa online” is the common question. This article will help you how to know a reliable Vietnam visa website.

1.A legitimate Vietnam visa website has a clear address – check it out!

One out of most concerns of travelers is choosing a scam website. Therefore, first priority is checking the physical address to see whether it exits or not. In fact, there are hundreds visa website exits only in “virtual” way.

Let’s image, if you paid and no Vietnam visa result came then you do not know where to claim.

Where you can find a physical address? Find it at header, footer on the home page or “contact us” page to check it.

Also, there is no reason for a company does not want to publish their location to customers. Hence, please do not choose any agency having no physical address.

2. Good reviews from customers of their website

The 2nd necessary matter to know a reliable Vietnam visa website is reading and finding their customers reviews.

However, reliable reviews must be on the other famous social network sites or blogs such as Tripadvisor, Facebook, Medium, Quora, etc.

For example, received hundreds good reviews not only on Medium, Quora but also on many famous travel bloggers.

customers reviews about on Quora
customers reviews about on Quora

3. Check their hotline and their guarantee policy

Almost Vietnam visa websites said that they support you 24/7. But let’s test it to identify whether you can believe on them or not by chatting with them or call directly to their hotline.

Especially, a good Vietnam visa agency needs to reply you immediately. Regards to the guarantee policy, let’s we show all of you publicly:

We divide Refundable and Non-refundable case as below:
Refundable: we will refund all amount if you were denied application by the Immigration department. Also, you can cancel the application within 1 hour and if your visa were not under process yet, we will refund the fee for you within 1 day. Similarly, the mistake comes from us then we also refund for you or re-proceed without charge any extra fee.

Non-refundable: mistake from applicant, your application is processing or completed.