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Vietnam weather in June 2019 – Where to go in June in Vietnam

Where to go in June in Vietnam 2019 and how the Vietnam weather in June is? You need to check it to build the plan for your trip to Vietnam!

A picture of Vietnam weather

As anywhere around the world, the weather in Vietnam is also varied by location. However, “the green season” starts from Mar to June for both the North and the South of Vietnam. In which, there will be plenty of sunshine. You can expect temperatures to be hot and humid- the maximum degree is around 37 degrees. The rainy months are between July and November whereas Vietnam is mostly dry and hot from November to February.

Vietnam weather in June 2019

What is Vietnam weather in June 2019?

The temperature is approximately 29°C as average in the North in June. In the South, any rain is suddenly in the afternoon especially in Ho Chi Minh and average temperature is around 27°C. If you do visit the center areas, all town such as Hue, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hoi An are all hot and sunny, average temperature is about 31°C with a lot of sunshine.

In conclusion, if you have a plan to visit in Vietnam in June, it is better to stick to the North and the Center lands for the best weather. In contrast, Ho Chi Minh and Mekong Delta are not so hot and you do not have to worry because June is not the season of typhoon.

At the same time, Dalat and Center Highlands are typical with lots of rainfalls in this month.

  North South Middle
Min temperature 25°C 23°C 22°C
Max temperature 34°C 33°C 31°C
Chance of rain 30% 60% 50%
Humidity 60% 70% 60%
Sunshine hours 120 102



Where to go in June in Vietnam

How about to visit Hue in June?

From January to May are good to visit Hue. However, June and July is still possible to recommend it. Since they are summer time of the year, the hot weather can make you a bit uncomfortable but you can enjoy more compared to months between August and December.

As an Imperial of Vietnam in the past, there are many unique things for you do discover that you can’t find in other cities of Vietnam.

visit the Imperial Citadel
grilled pork wrapped in casava flour- Vietnamese Imperial family's dessert
grilled pork wrapped in casava flour- Vietnamese Imperial family’s dessert

Mui Ne:

The weather in Mui Ne is dry for year-round. Therefore, June and July even are termed of rainy months in Mui Ne but it takes around 1 hour per day. Regards to activities, there are many things that you can do here. Further, visit the Magical Landscape of Fairy Stream and Play on the Sand Dunes are two highlight activities that we recommend you.

Play on the Sand Dunes in Mui Ne
Play on the Sand Dunes in Mui Ne

Go to Da Lat in June to hunt the clouds:

The temperature in this month runs ranges around 22°C to 24°C.

One of the most interesting in June is hunting clouds because there will be very cloudy in June and July. This is the ideal time to help you to have many gorgeous photos. The best places to have good shots Thien Vien Truc Lam, Hon Bo or Langbiang-mountain.

hunting clouds in DaLat in June
hunting clouds in DaLat in June

Also, Dalat in June is fulfilled by many flowers such as Lavender, Pampas grass and Purple Phoenix.

Visit Con Dao Island in June:

is the best choice. Actually, the ideal time to visit Con Dao is from March until July. However, if you want to swim there, May must be the best timing when there is no big wave and the beach is also calm. In June, the sea gets a little bit rougher which is perfect for suffering. Also, the average temperature is so cool which enhances you to play many outdoor activities such as kite suffering and diving.

Scuba Diving in Con Dao Island in June
Scuba Diving in Con Dao Island in June

Further, exploring National Park, watching turtles lay eggs as well as snorkeling & diving are top experiences there.

How to get there: take a flight from Ho Chi Minh or Can Tho. The other way is take a ferry from Vung Tau to Con Son Island.