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Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam – How to earn money easily in Vietnam?

Here is an overview of jobs for foreigners in Vietnam as well as jobs opportunities available for expats in Vietnam. Check it out!

Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam

As a developing country-Vietnam has a high demand for experts in various areas. To illustrate this point, a survey was launched in 2017 by Navigos group found that there was up to 52% of business respondents said that they desired to recruit foreign employees.

Jobs for foreigners in Vietnam-is not only in the expert fields but also for those who do not have any experience. Obviously, the most visible in the need for English teachers from kinder garden to University level in Vietnam has been increased day by day.

“Be a King” when you come and work in Vietnam. This is not a rumor! Owing to high salary compared to Vietnamese employees together with low cost living in Vietnam, a foreigner is able to have a King-living standard. To be more precise, an expat is paid 30-50% more than a Vietnamese labor.

Also, 72% of expat said that they had saved more money in Vietnam compared to other countries. This result is from the Expat Explore survey which has been done by London-based lender HSBC.

In my eyes, this is good news for those who love to travel but do not have a big budget. In particular, it would be an ideal plan if you come to Vietnam and work for 3 months-6 months as well as discovering Vietnam as professional travelers.

In conclusion, “jobs for foreigners in Vietnam” is not difficult at all. If you are finding a wonderful place to work and visit for a short period then Vietnam is an ideal destination for you!

How to earn money easily in Vietnam?

Below are common jobs for foreigners in which you can get money easily. Let’s take a look on it!

Be a Travel blogger in Vietnam

That is more interesting to get you some examples of famous foreigners who are working as bloggers in Vietnam.

Sony Side- Food blogger has become famous on the You Tube since 2017. Sony Side and Nguyen Lam Thao Tam have made together many You Tube videos which review for Vietnamese food.

Food blogger – Sony Side

Blogger Joe Ruelle: Joe has a nick name is as “strawberry” in Vietnam. An outstanding point of him is that he can speak Vietnamese very well. However, there are many other bloggers who can’t speak Vietnamese at all still be famous.

Daniel Mcallen: an Ireland tourist travel with a Vietnamese duck. Daniel Mcallen comes from Belfast-North Ireland. Interestingly, Daniel Mcallen has shared on Imgur that he travelled in Vietnam for 1 month. He departs from Ho Chi Minh and when he stopped at Hanoi to buy a motorbike, he was presented a duck and decided to discover Vietnam with him. Surprisingly, the album he posted with a lovely duck in Vietnam was seen by 430.000 Imgur- members and more than 414 comments.

Run a restaurant / a stand-street food

Vietnamese really love brand-name is stemmed from foreign countries. More interestingly, there is not only teenager like other Asian countries love foreign food but also middle ages.

 In Vietnam, you do not have to own a well-known brand-name so as to get a lot of customers. There are many foreigners who successfully settled and run their family-owned restaurants or even street vendors but the income is extremely high.

To be more specific, you can simply open your own coffee shop, bakery,…

German sausage famous in district 8-Ho Chi Minh
(owner is from Netherland-
Cliford Alexander Van Toor)

English teacher/Language teacher

Right, just take a look and write a map! There are many English schools has been established in Vietnam until now such as VUS, ILA, ACET, British Council… Besides English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese teachers are also potential while the number of Vietnamese who want to work in Japan, China and Korea is increased steadily.

Yoga teacher

Indian normally can easily to get this kind of job in Vietnam. Normally they recruit Yoga teacher as a permanent job. However, you do not have to worry for the high demand of individual teacher of rich people in Vietnam. Specially, who are living in big cities like Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi.


Recently, foreign-actors appear on the TV in Vietnam is not a rare case anymore.


IT jobs has never been “hot” in developing countries. As a European/American that you have your own benefit. In details, foreigners from developed countries own their knowledge of advanced technologies. Therefore, foreigners’ skill and knowledge is highly evaluated. An average salary for a foreigner IT is from 1.500 up to 5.000 USD. Whereas, salary of a normal office staff in Vietnam is from 250 USD.


Being a foreign model in a Vietnam

This is one kind of freelancer job that gives you freedom and of course you control time by yourself. Beside profession foreign-models come to Vietnam because of fierce competition in their countries. There are still many travelers want to work as a freelancer-model because they just visit Vietnam for some months.

Because of having advantage of larger height, there is not difficult to become a model in Vietnam ever. The wage in this field is depends on the negotiation between models and hirers.

How to get Vietnam visa for working purpose?

Nowadays, “visa on arrival” is familiar with hundred millions of traveler world-wide because it was first legally valid since 2012 in Vietnam.

The most advantage to apply online is: you do not have to submit any documents and has been supported free of charge until you get the approval letter. Besides, we guarantee for you as well as have a clear refund-policy. The whole procedure includes 3 steps:

First, finish the online form at:

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Finally, receive the result via your email. The result is sent under PDF/JPG file. After receiving, you need to print it out to present it together with your passport at Vietnam airport to get visa. Last but not least, 2 passport photos in the size of 4x6cm is also necessary.