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New update information of Vietnam visa| Visa to Vietnam 2019

Vietnam Government has issued resolutions which are related to Vietnam visa for foreigners. Let’s check the new information of Vietnam visa as below.

New update information of Vietnam visa you need to know

  1. Vietnam Government’s consensus on the visa exemption for 5 nationalities

In particular, Government has decided and approved to extend the visa waiver policy for more 3 years. In further, citizens from 5 countries: United Kingdom, Germany and Italy, France as well as Spain are able to enter Vietnam without visa from 1/Jul/2018 until 30/Jun/2021.

  • Government approves for  more 6 nationalities into e-visa policy, makes the list of 40 countries becomes 46 countries

Recently, The Prime Minister-Nguyen Xuan Phuc has signed and promulgated decree no.124 so as to replenish to e-visa policy. According to this decree, citizens from 6 more countries are eligible to apply electronic visa online. In details, this list includes Australia, United Arab Emirates as well as India, Netherland, Canada and New Zealand.

Visa to Vietnam 2019-FAQ about applying for Vietnam visa

  1. Find the most suitable time to apply visa:

The earliest you can apply Vietnam visa: more than 6 months-1 year before you start your plan. To clarify, according to Vietnam Immigration law applicants are able to apply Vietnam visa in advance and the maximum period of time is 1 year before they go to Vietnam.

The latest you can file Vietnam visa: 30 minutes before departing from an airport outside Vietnam.

The recommended time to apply a Vietnam visa: at least 1 week before your trip.

FAQ about applying for Vietnam visa- information of Vietnam visa

What happens if there is no Embassy/Consulate of Vietnam in the applicant’s place of residence?

In fact, there might not be an Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in some third world countries. However, it does not pose any problem since you can apply online with Vietnam visa agency. In truth, the approval letter is issued by the Immigration department of Vietnam and then Vietnam Embassy’s role is not necessary in this case. Meanwhile, Vietnam agencies enable applicants active themselves.

Instead of that, you can get the approval letter online via email within 24 hours. After that, you get Vietnam visa sticker at Vietnam airports by the approval letter.

Can I apply for Vietnam visa in a country where I am not resident?

In return for this concern, we would like to confirm that there is no problem. This sounds like a redundant question but there are still many customers wonder whether the approval letter works when they depart from a country which is not their country or not. In other words, the country you are located is not related to your Vietnam visa procedure.

What required documents I need to gather?

In conclusion, getting Vietnam visa nowadays is not a hindrance you just need to prepare documents as below: approval letter, valid passport as well as two passport photos.