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Should I apply Vietnam visa on arrival | Vietnam VOA

In order to enter Vietnam you have to obtain Vietnam visa if you are non-Vietnamese citizens. Therefore, Should I apply Vietnam visa on arrival without going to Vietnam Embassy?

The truth of getting Vietnam visa at the airport |What is Vietnam VOA?

In fact, Vietnam visa on arrival has been legitimate and approved by Vietnam Government since 2012.

What is Vietnam VOA? Vietnam VOA is standard for Vietnam visa on arrival. In details, approval letter is submitted by an organization, a company located in Vietnam to Vietnam Immigration department. Once the Immigration approved, they agency send to you and it does mean that you are able to enter Vietnam legally without going to Vietnam Embassy.

Using “Vietnam visa on arrival” service is safe? All Vietnam visa agencies must obtain business registration certificate of international travel. In case you recognize they are scam, you can submit and require to the Immigration department to be paid compensation back. However, please be careful with the Vietnam visa agencies who offer you a cheap service!

Vietnam visa landing counter at the airport
Vietnam visa landing counter at the airport

Should I apply Vietnam visa on arrival?

The first reason, if you are planning to go to Vietnam visa and do not want to be refused then the only way is applying online to get the approval letter. Why? because the percentage of applying Vietnam at Embassy or the Consulate of Vietnam is 50% of success. In order to explain for this, according to the law we are an organization who is responsible for your visit with the Immigration department- Legal status while you are individual- personally. Hence, if you do not follow a tour celebrated by a company, please choose to apply Vietnam visa on arrival.

Second reason to answer for question “Should I apply Vietnam visa on arrival” is: that is a part of Vietnam Immigration law. In fact, there are so many countries that you are able to arrive at the airports then apply and get Visa at the same time. However, going to Vietnam required Vietnam visa or the approval letter. In case you arrive at Vietnam without approval letter or visa within 2 hours then you will be forced to leave out of Vietnam.

Third reason, Vietnam visa on arrival has become legal since 2012 follows to the Immigration law of Vietnam. Therefore, why don’t you apply online as you know you will be able to get the approval letter with 100%?

How to get Vietnam visa?

First, you need to fill information in the application form online:
1. Full name (the position between fist name and family name is not important).
2. Gender
3. Date of birth
4. Nationality
5. Passport number
6. Date of expiry (passport)
7. Purpose of enter (tourist, work, study, visit relatives, etc).
8. Date of enter

Secondly, we will send you the approval letter via your email within 24 hours. This approval letter is stated that the Vietnam Immigration department has approved for you to enter Vietnam for a specific period.

Final, download and print out the approval letter to get the boarding pass at departure airport. So as to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam airports, you need to bring: original passport, approval letter and 2 passport photos (3x4cm). More important, travel document is not acceptable to get Vietnam visa at the airport.

Vietnam VOA
Vietnam VOA

Could you enter Vietnam before the arrival date that you have applied?

Unfortunately, you are unable to enter Vietnam before the arrival date that you had submitted. However, you can enter after the arrival date is stated on the approval letter and exit before the date of expiry or on the same date of expiry.