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How to fill in the Vietnam entry and exit form (NA1 form) | Official guide

Vietnam entry and exit form is also called NA1 form, compulsory for all passengers who arrive in Vietnam with VOA. Therefore, it is important to know how to fill in the Vietnam entry and exit form passably.

General information of Vietnam visa and the NA1 form

Before planning of trip to Vietnam, all foreign passengers need to obtain the approval letter for immigrating or Vietnam visa. After having 1 out of 2 above documents, almost travelers are confused how to fill into the Vietnam entry and exit form accordingly. Hence, in order to help you to get Vietnam visa easier, we offer you a guide in details as below for your reference:

Passengers are now legally to apply online Vietnam visa by fill information directly at: This is the optimal way to get Vietnam visa without going to Vietnam Embassy. Further, Vietnam visa is issued at Vietnam airports safely and guaranteed by authorized agencies. However, you may prefer to apply Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy if you live nearby there.

Especially, children are under 14 years old do not need to fill in the Vietnam entry and exit form. Last but not least, they still need 2 passport photos in the size of 4×6 cm and need to fill information into the form of father or mother. Also, children who are under 1 year old do not need photos.

Guide how to fill in the Vietnam entry and exit form passably?

NA1 form has been promulgated by Government according to the decree no.04/2015/TT-BCA. Important sections need to pay attention to when you fill in the Vietnam visa and exit form including:

1: Full name, you need to fill in capitalization.
Section 2 –  12: private information, you can fill in by yourself based on information on your passport.
13: If you used to enter Vietnam, please write down the last date of entering. In case you have not entered Vietnam as before then leave it a blank.
14: date of arrival, based on passenger’s schedule. It can be same as the date on arrival stated on the approval letter or date after the arrival date on the approval letter.
 15: purpose of enter: tourist, working, visit friends. In this case, you need to fill correctly which match to the approval letter. If your approval letter shows that you are allowed to enter Vietnam for tourism, please fill as tourism.
 17: you can leave a blank. In case you enter Vietnam for working, you need to write down your company’s address.
 19: highly pay attention to tick to the “multiple” box if you enter and exit out of Vietnam for many times and reversely.
*** You can fill information by Vietnamese or English, Vietnamese without accent marks.

Necessary documents enclosed with the Vietnam entry and exit form 

02 passport photos in the size of 4×6 cm (2×2 inches is also acceptable)
Approval letter
Original passport (valid for more than 6 months)
We are pleased to give you advices free of charge, please do not hesitate to contact us to get further information at: [email protected]. In case you need to learn more about Vietnam visa fee, please click here.