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Vietnam multiple-entry visa | Long and short-term visa with multiple entries

Tourists and business passengers are able to pick up Vietnam multiple-entry visa at Vietnam airports upon arrival, going to Embassy is not necessary.

When I need Vietnam multiple-entry visa?

First of all, let’s take references of other traveler’s concerns!

“I am going to Vietnam and will be there for 2 months. However, I would like to travel between Vietnam and Thailand during these months. Do I need Vietnam multiple-entry visa?” – Mr.M.Henriksen from Australia asked.

 -> Yes, you need 3 month multiple-entry Vietnam visa in this case in order to leave out and enter Vietnam for many times during 3 months.

“I need to go to Vietnam for urgent business and may stay there for 6 months. Do I need any documents of my company or other related documents? Do I have to go to Embassy or just apply online” – Mr. Marilou Pascual from UK had concerned.

->  Since Feb 2012 both tourist and business passengers have rights to apply Vietnam visa online throughout agencies or by their companies (legal representatives). Further, applicants when apply visa throughout our website do not have to show other documents at Vietnam airports except the approval letter we send for them via email. Also, they have many options of choosing types of visa from 1 month up to 1 year with business or working purposes.

In conclusion: Vietnam multiple-entry tourist and business types are valid to be pick-up at Vietnam airports by applying online in advance. In details, the maximum period of tourist visa’s validity is 3 months and 1 year with working/business visa respectively.

How much does a Vietnam multiple-entry cost?

Processing fee:
Tourist visa multiple entry-type: the visa fee is 24 USD for 1 month and 34 USD for 3 month-type.

Business visa with multiple entries: it costs 68 to 418 USD for 1 month up to 1 year type.

Stamping fee: this fee is compulsory fee for all travelers. You have to pay 50 USD for 1 and 3 month visa type or 95USD for 6 month business visa type. Similarly, the stamping fee is up to 135 USD for 1 year-valid visa.

How do I apply for a Vietnam multiple-entry visa?

First of all: complete visa application form. At this step, you need to answer for all fields at:

Secondly, settle your payment by credit card or via your Paypal account and check your email within 24 hours to receive the visa result.

Finally, print document we send you via email and present it at Vietnam international airports to take visa sticker onto your passport.

Who can apply for Vietnam multiple-entry visa?

According to the currently Vietnam Immigration law, almost passengers from word-wide are able to apply for Vietnam multiple-entry visa.