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Vietnam visa at Hanoi airport | Apply online to get Vietnam visa

According to the regulation no.18 of Vietnam Immigration law, all foreigners are able to get Vietnam visa at Hanoi airport as well as Danang and Ho Chi Minh 

The procedure of Vietnam visa at Hanoi airport

There are so many countries in which Vietnam Government has not set-up Vietnam Embassies currently. Therefore, Vietnam Government has promulgated the regulation no.18 since Feb 2012 so as to attract foreign passengers world-wide.

Hanoi airport (Noi Bai airport) is 1 out of 3 international airport located in the North of Vietnam. In order to helps foreign passengers get Vietnam visa easily, has offer Vietnam visa online service under the endorsement of Vietnam Immigration department about issuing the approval letter for foreign travellers.

How long does it take? The normal procedure takes 24 hours for normal tourist visa type and 48 hours for working visa. However, you are able to receive approval letter within 4 hours by choosing urgent visa or 30 minutes via emergency service. In details, your approval letter will be sent via email under PDF file which is easy for you to print out.

How about the Final step to get Vietnam visa at Hanoi airport? You need to show original passport, approval letter and passport photos at Visa landing counter at Hanoi airport so as to Vietnam visa sticker.

Last but not least, all passengers have to fill information to the entry and exit form at arrival airports.

How to apply online to get Vietnam visa efficiently?

“When 80% of customers choose the more expensive option”, why? It does not matter to choose a reputable Vietnam visa website with a bit more expensive fee to get 24/7 and guarantee service. Our staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer and responsible for you at any-time. After receiving approval letter, we re-proceed for you without any extra fee if there is any mistake.

What is more? We have staff work 24/7 at Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Danang airport to support you if there any problems.

In order to receive Vietnam approval letter, you need to register online at:

This year, we welcome 100,000 passengers per month to get Vietnam visa at Hanoi airport per month!

How about our support at Hanoi airport?

In case you want our staff to get visa for at Hanoi airport, please also choose “fast track service” or contact us at: [email protected]. What is else? We offer car service at Hanoi airport to protect customers from scam taxi with a fix-price inside Hanoi without calculating kilometers in details. We hope to meet you at Hanoi airport!