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Vietnam visa for tourists and businessmen | Vietnam visa 2018

Vietnam visa for tourists is applied for a specific of period less than 3 months. However, using tourist visa for business purpose is illegal.

Vietnam visa for tourists

Procedure of issuing Vietnam visa for foreign tourists is conditional at following Legal transaction as following:

Ordinance no.24/1999/PL- UBTVQH which Vietnam Government has stipulated in details of entry and exit for foreigners.

Degree no.21/ND-CP

By this, all passport passengers around the world have rights to apply Vietnam visa so as to enter Vietnam legally according to Vietnam Immigration department.

Especially, Vietnam Government wants to increase tourists in the future. Therefore, beside the Vietnam visa exemption policy, Vietnam Government has approved Visa on arrival as well as E-visa since 2012 and 2017 respectively. It does mean that, visa applicants do not have to go to Vietnam Embassy with many required documents as before. Instead, they are able to apply Vietnam visa throughout a Vietnam visa company by following below steps:

First, finish application form at:

Second, receive result back within 24 hours throughout email in PDF file.

Final, print out result (approval letter), prepare it together with passport photo and original passport to get Vietnam visa sticker at visa landing counter at Vietnam airports.

Vietnam visa for businessmen | Vietnam working visa

Symbol of Vietnam working visa is “DN” which is stand for “Doanh nghiep”. By this, Foreigners have fully capacity of legal to work, invest or do business at Vietnam. Since 2012, Vietnam Government has also approved for getting Vietnam working visa at the airport without applying at Vietnam Embassy.

A Business visa (working visa) is valid from 1 month up to 1 year currently and applicants are eligible to apply online. Also, documents are not compulsory in this case because we are a company which is a third party to guarantee for your visit to Vietnam.

What is different between tourist and business visa? Benefits of working visa

The biggest difference between tourist and business visa is the aim of entering Vietnam. According to Vietnam Immigration law, working at Vietnam under a tourist visa is illegal. It is regulated sanction at Decree no.167/2013/ND-CP. In details, employee has to pay a fine amount from 1400 USD per employment. At the same time, foreign employments have to leave out of Vietnam immediately and are unable to enter Vietnam within 3 years.

Benefits of working visa: valid up to 1 year, foreign employments are able to extend 1 visa for more 1 year and do not have leave out of Vietnam.