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Visa for Vietnam from Bosnia and Herzegovina – Vietnam Visa fee 2017

Tips to gain Visa for Vietnam from Bosnia and Herzegovina efficiently. With over 10 year-experience , we are changing Vietnam tourism industry.

Check requirements status of Visa for Vietnam from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Visa for Vietnam is required to Bosnian and Herzegovinian citizens at all ports of Vietnam obeys to the Vietnam Immigration law.

Gain Visa for Vietnam from Bosnia and Herzegovinia 

In order to get Visa for Vietnam from Bosnia and Herzegovina, there are 2 official methods:

  • Get Visa for Vietnam from Bosnia and Herzegovina by applying online- “Vietnam visa on arrival”

As a consequent, millions of travelers world-wide has praised Vietnam visa on arrival as the most helpful way. Also, this method has been legal since 2012.

How does Vietnam visa on arrival work?

Step 1: Filling information onto Vietnam visa application online at:

Next: Gaining the approval letter from the Immigration department via your email within 24 hours (normal service), within 8 hours (urgent service), and within 30 minutes (emergency service), then you can print it out.

Final step: Preparing a full set of dossier including: your passport, the approval letter and 2 passport photos to get Visa at Vietnam Visa landing counter

  • Get Vietnam visa for Bosnian and Herzegovinian at Vietnam Embassy

Bosnian and Herzegovinian passport holders can apply Visa for Vietnam at Embassy but in the neighboring countries which are nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina because until now there is no Vietnam embassy or Consulate of Vietnam has been available there. Therefore, applicants can choose to apply Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in Italy which is closed to Bosnia and Herzegovina around 475 Km.

Vietnam Embassy in Italy
Address: Via di Bravetta, 156, 00164 Roma RM, Italy
Phone: 8.30-11.30am, 14.00-17.30pm from Monday to Friday
Working hours: +39 06 66 16 0726

Vietnam visa fee 2017

The cost of Vietnam Visa 2017 for Bosnian and Herzegovinian is same as other nationalities such as American, Australian, Canadian,… Significantly, there is no discrimination in Vietnam visa fee between nationalities from organization. You can take the Vietnam Visa fee 2017 of all Vietnam visa types here.

In conclusion, we can assist you 24/7 to gain Visa for Vietnam from Bosnia and Herzegovina easily. So, let’s make it easy for now!
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