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Vietnam visa for citizens of Botswana – Travel visa to Vietnam

Gain Vietnam visa for citizens of Botswana safely at, this method has been changing Vietnam tourism industry.

Check requirement of Vietnam Visa for citizens of Botswana

According to the Immigration law system, Vietnam visa for citizens of Botswana is obligatory at all frontiers of Vietnam.

Obey to the Circular no.190/2012/TT-BTC of the Ministry of Finance about the Immigration law, travelers with Botswanan nationality or other nationalities live in Botswana can apply online to get Vietnam Visa at international airports.

More interestingly, there is no Embassy has been available in Botswana until now. If you are looking for applying Vietnam visa for citizens of Botswana by yourself, you can go to South African. This makes hard for applicants because there is no Embassy in Zimbabwe and Namibia which is nearby Botswana.

How to apply for gaining Vietnam visa for citizens of Botswana without going to Embassy?

Tourist Visa is granted for those who visit Vietnam for tourist purpose only (discover culture, sightseeing…). This Visa is valid for 3 months as maximum.

1st, you just need to fill your information directly:
2nd, we will send you the approval letter via your email within 2 working days (normal service), within 8 hours (urgent service), and within 30 minutes (emergency service), then you can print it out.
3rd, please prepare your passport, the approval letter and 2 passport photos to get Visa at Vietnam Visa landing counter to get Visa sticker onto your passport.

Vietnam entry visa cost
+ 1 month and 3 month single entry: 25 USD/person

+ 1 month and 3 month multiple entries: 50 USD/person
+ 6 month multiple entries: 95 USD/person
+ 1 year multiple entries: 135 USD/person

The stamping fee is compulsory fee which tourists have to pay for Vietnam Government to have Visa stamped onto their passport. The stamping fee is compulsory to pay in cash in USD or VND at the visa landing counter. More importantly, there is no currency ex-change counters inside airport before passing through the Immigration desk (credit card is not valid at the airport). So, it is strongly advised you to prepare in USD to avoid the unbalanced exchange rate at the airport.           

Vietnam visa application fee for Botswana passport holders

Applicable fee is the fee that you have to pay for doing all paper work for you to submit your information to the Vietnam Immigration department and then get the approval letter for you. (This approval letter has been valid same as Vietnam Visa at departure airport which help you to check-in and get Vietnam Visa when you arrive). You can take reference about payment methods as well as the Vietnam visa service fee at: Vietnam visa fee 2017

In conclusion, this article shows you all things you need to know about Vietnam visa shortly. If you need any further, please write us email to: .This support is totally free of charge.

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