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Vietnam visa for Bruneian – Visa requirements

Gain Vietnam visa for Bruneian within 24 hours at official site. There is no requirement documents, no hidden fee at Vietnam airport.

Bruneian is listed as 1 out of 23 nationalities exempted from Vietnam Visa

According to the Vietnam Immigration law, Bruneian passport holders are able to enter Vietnam without Visa if they stay in Vietnam less than 14 days.

How to get Vietnam visa for Bruneian?

It is compulsory to obtain Vietnam visa for Bruneian if Bruneian passport holders intend to stay in Vietnam more than 14 days. Especially, Bruneian citizens are eligible to apply online to get electronic Visa if they enter Vietnam by bus or cruise.

The procedure to obtain Vietnam Visa for Bruneian upon arrival at Vietnam airports:

Step 1: you just need to type up your information directly at:

Next step: check your mail box within 24 hours then you can print it out.

Final step: Prepare all necessary documents includes: passport, approval letter and passport photos to get Vietnam visa sticker onto your passport.

How to get Vietnam e-visa if applicants enter by bus, vessel?

The Ministries of Public Security has promulgated the degree 07/2017-ND-CP in Feb 2017. By this, Bruneian is eligible to enter Vietnam at all allowance international borders.

Regards to the method, applicants just need to determine the name of border they want to pass through and their passport scan then send to email: [email protected].

As a consequent, we will send the approval letter to applicants via their email after that. Also, please pay attention that this procedure is totally different with the procedure at the airports.

60 day-free Visa for APEC card owners

Bruneian passport holders who possess an APEC business travel card can enter Vietnam without Vietnam visa up to 60 days.

Furthermore, if you want to make sure that your APEC card is valid at Vietnam immigration desk, please check information on the back side of the card. If it contains “VNM” on the back side, it does mean that Vietnam visa for Bruneian is not compulsory.

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