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Vietnam visa fee 2018 | How much you have to pay for a Vietnam visa

Are you concerning how much you have to pay for a Vietnam visa? Should you apply at Vietnam Embassy or apply online? We will point all these issues out and show-up you Vietnam visa fee 2018.

Overview | Vietnam visa

Nowadays, going back and forth to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam is quite an old-dated method to obtain Vietnam visa because it is expensive and time-consuming. Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) system has been valid and approved by Vietnam Government since 2012. Though Vietnam visa on arrival paperwork (approval letter) is not issued by Vietnam Embassy but it is legitimate by Immigration law.

In order to offer information to applicants we will provide information of Vietnam visa fee 2018 at both Embassy and Online method.

Vietnam visa fee 2018 | Vietnam visa types and application fee amounts

*Categories of Vietnam visa

The division of Vietnam visa is based on purpose, duration of staying and visit frequency.
1) Purpose of visiting Vietnam: 3 main visa types.
Tourist visa: valid for 1 to 3 months, passengers use it for travel, visit friends in Vietnam.
Business visa: valid from 1 month up to 1 year, passengers who want to enter Vietnam to run business, work, join in conferences or all business activities must obtain this kind of Visa. Also, business visa is necessary document for them to get work permit.
Other purposes: study, work with Vietnamese Government, non-profit organizations.

2) Duration of stay and visit frequency:
1 month single: visa valid for 30 days with 1 time of entry and exit out.
1 month multiple: valid for 30 days and many times of entry and exit out of Vietnam.
3 month single: visa valid for 90 days with 1 entry time available.
3 month multiple: valid for 90 days with many entry times available.
6 months multiple and 1 year multiple: only valid for businessmen who apply business visa, it will be valid for 6 months and 1 year respectively.

Vietnam visa fee 2018

Regards to the Vietnam visa fee, it includes application fee and stamping fee. In details, application fee is the fee that you have to pay for Immigration department to issue approval letter for you. Also, stamping fee is the fee that applicants must pay for Vietnam Government so as to get Vietnam visa sticker. It is 25 USD for single entry from 1 month to 3 months, 50 USD for multiple entries from 1 to 3 months. Further, stamping fee is up to 95 USD for those who enter for 6 months and 135 USD for 1 year-validity.


  1 applicant 2-3 applicants 4-5 applicants 6-9 applicants 10+ applicants

1 month single

18 16 14 12 10

1 month multiple

23 21 19 17


3 months single 28 26 24 22


3 months multiple 34 32 30 28




  1 applicant 2-3 applicants 4-5 applicants 6-9 applicants 10+ applicants

1 month single

68 66 64 62 60

1 month multiple

73 71 69 67 65
3 months single 93 91 89 87


3 months multiple

108 106 104 102


6 months multiple 278 276 274 272


1 year multiple 418 416 414 412



Vietnam visa fee at Embassy | How much you have to pay for a Vietnamese visa at Embassy?

Actually, if you apply Vietnam visa at Embassy it costs you not only the processing fee but also the travelling expenses to get there. Not only that, Embassy requires applicants to submit invitation letter from Vietnamese friends/ relatives which must be a hindrance for backpackers.

Also, the Vietnam visa fee at Vietnam Embassy or the Consulate of Vietnam is normally extremely higher compared to Visa on arrival (apply online).

Below is price-list for your reference about Vietnam visa fee at Vietnam Embassy world-wide:


1 month single 1month multiple 3months single 3months multiple
Washington DC (USA)


140 150 180
Mumbai (India)


65 N/A






Phnom Penh (Cambodia)


N/A 100


London (UK)


137 137


Bangkok (Thailand) 95 N/A N/A




N/A 128


Budapest (Hungary)


95 N/A



Internet has made the world becomes flat, all regulations has been published to all citizens without hidden. Therefore, passengers do not need to go to Embassies physically with full of documents. Let’s create a trip by yourself!