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Vietnam visa for Finnish citizens – Visa tips for citizens of Finland

Get Vietnam visa for Finnish citizens within 24 hours efficiently. Finnish citizens do not need Vietnam visa for less than 15 days.

Finland passport holders are on Vietnam visa exemption list?

Yes, it is. Fortunately, Finnish nationality is belonging to the Unilateral Agreement of Vietnam. According to this regulation, Finnish tourists do not need to obtain Vietnam visa for a stay of less than 15 days. Hence, Vietnam visa for Finnish citizens is not essential.

Additionally, there is nothing changed between the revised law which launched in Jan 2015 and the Immigration law No.47/2014/QH13 in the visa waiver program for Finnish citizens.

How to get Vietnam visa for Finnish citizens?

There are 3 legal methods in order to gain Vietnam visa for Finnish citizens: apply online or apply directly at Embassy and get e-visa at landing borders, sea-ports.

  • Apply online to get Vietnam visa for Finnish citizens at Vietnam airports. This method is valid to get both business and tourist types. Furthermore, there is no restriction between this way and applying at Embassy. The whole procedure contains 3 main steps.

First of all: fill-in your information directly at:

After that: we will send you the approval letter from the Immigration department within 24 hours (normal service). It takes 4-8 hours for urgent service and less than 30 minutes for emergency case.

Final step: print out the approval letter we sent you to gain Visa sticker onto your passport at Vietnam airports.

  • Apply Vietnam visa for Finnish citizens at Embassy

Applicants have enough time and a full set of documents. A full set of documents includes invitation letter, application and an original passport. In order to gain your visa back, please prepare the delivery also to pay in advance if you do not want to go back in person.

  • Travelers from Finland can apply online to get Vietnam e-visa to enter at landing borders and sea-ports

Interestingly, in order to encourage travelers world-wide go to Vietnam, the National Assembly of Vietnam has approved to introduce the e-visa system from 01st Feb 2017.

By this regulation, Finland is listed as 1 out of 40 countries in which citizens who come from these countries are eligible to apply online via an agency to get Vietnam visa at: 8 international airports, 13 crossing borders as well as 7 international sea-ports.

Regards to the e-visa procedure, please send your copy passport to: [email protected]

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