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Vietnam visa on arrival urgent | Get Vietnam visa within 1 hour

You are at the airport and do not have Vietnam visa? Let’s choose Vietnam visa on arrival urgent service with us and get it in time to take off flight!

You could not get the boarding-pass if you do not have Vietnam visa?

When you check-in the flight to Vietnam, staff at checking-counters will automatically ask whether you have Vietnam visa or not. Vietnam visa is not necessary in case you are belonging to the exemption visa list of Vietnam.

Then, what happens if you do not have Vietnam visa at departing airport?

It is regrettable to inform to you: “you are unable to getting the boarding pass”. 100% the airline staff at checking counters will return this to you! Why? It follows the Immigration law of the arrival country. By this, you need to show Vietnam visa at departing airport even you are outside of your country or at airport of your country.

As a result, you will lose your flight tickets! However, Vietnam’s policy is now like 84 other countries, they had allowed foreigners to apply visa online since 2012. Therefore, applying Vietnam visa on arrival urgent is the only solution in this case.

“How I can do with it?”

You just need to finish the online application here. Also, please do not forget to select urgent or emergency service. It is easy to find out when you apply.

Next, check the approval letter we will send you via your email. After down loading it, represent the approval letter on your cellular phone or other electronic devices to the staff at departing airport.

When you should choose Vietnam visa on arrival urgent service

The time scale is divided into 2 cases:

Vietnam visa on arrival Urgent case: you are able to receive the approval letter (pre-Vietnam visa) within 4 working hours since you apply. The extra fee for this service is only 19 USD.

Emergency visa case: you are able to receive the approval letter in 30 minutes since you apply. Due to process visa in a very short time, it takes you 49 USD as extra fee.

Especially, both these services (urgent and emergency ones) is applied for both tourist and business visa types.

Why I can check-in with Vietnam visa on arrival urgent even I do not have Vietnam visa label?

Once you receive the approval letter it does mean that the Vietnam Immigration department has approved for your entry to Vietnam. Hence, the Vietnam Embassy role is not necessary in this case. Again, Vietnam visa on arrival is totally legal and follows the Vietnam Immigration law system since Feb 2012.

Approval letter enables you to be confirmed that you have the authority for travel/ work in Vietnam. After landing, it takes you some minutes to get visa label at the visa landing counters at Hanoi, Da Nang or Ho Chi Minh international airports.