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Visa Vietnam en ligne | Vietnam visa for Canadian, Belgium

Visa Vietnam en ligne, visa Vietnam prix 2018 we are listing out here all necessary information for you in details about Vietnam visa.

Why Vietnam visa for Canadian and Belgium citizens is compulsory?

Not only Canadian and Belgium citizens but also others which do not belong to Vietnam visa waiver must obtain Vietnam visa.

Visa Vietnam en ligne |What is Vietnam visa online?

Vietnam visa online- Visa Vietnam en ligne (French) is a method to gaining Vietnam visa which is much more efficient compared to applying at Vietnam Embassies.

What is the procedure of Vietnam visa online? Vietnam visa online agencies play as a 3rd party like Embassy which is an organization to be responsible to your action with Vietnam Immigration department. If you apply at Vietnam Embassy, they also have to submit your information to the Immigration department and agencies do same procedure.

However, applying Vietnam visa online via agencies brings to you many advantages: there is no rate of deny, the fee is clear and they answer you 24/24. What is else? They require you no document!

Visa Vietnam prix 2018- Vietnam visa price 2018

* Tourist visa:
1 month single entry: 18 USD

1 month multiple entries: 23 USD
3 month single entry: 28 USD
3 month multiple entries: 34 USD

* Working visa:
1 month single entry: 68 USD
1 month multiple entries: 73 USD
3 month single entry: 93 USD
3 month multiple entries: 108 USD
6 month multiple entries:  278 USD
1 year with multiple entries: 418 USD

23 countries over the world had offered e-visa

What are they? They are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Cambodia, Cote d’voire, Gabon, Georgia, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Moldova, Myanmar, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principle, Singapore, St.Kitts and Nevis, Sri Lanka, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Uganda, Vietnam as well as Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Why they offer e-visa/ visa on arrival system? Many countries, especial developing ones recognize that a strict visa system create a hindrance to tourists. More important, it costs too much money to go to Embassy office location. Commonly, the fee to go back and forth to Embassy is more than visa fee.

For example, there are many Canadian and Belgium who want to visit Vietnam but queuing in a long line on front of Vietnam Embassy make them deny going. As a consequence, they may choose to go to other Asian countries such as Japan, Thailand where visa is not necessary.

When Visa Vietnam en ligne has become valid? Vietnam visa online- Vietnam visa on arrival has been approved by Vietnam Government since 2012. This is not a joke, it is an official policy from Government in which applicants can choose to apply online via an agency and pick Vietnam visa up at the airports.

Especially, Canadian citizens are able to get e-visa at landing borders since Feb 2017. Similarly, like other 22 countries as above, Visa Vietnam en ligne play a role as an efficient tool has helped Vietnam to increase income from tourism industry which helps them to develop their economy.