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Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers – فيتنام تأشيرة المعلومات

Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers is mandatory? Vietnam has offered the visa upon arrival option for citizens from Sudan.

Why Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers is necessary? معلومات عامة عن تأشيرة فيتنام

Since 01st Jan 2015, all citizens who are not Vietnamese applying Vietnam visa must follow the new immigration regulations approved from the Immigration department in 2015. This new regulation announcement named no.47/2014/QH2013 is replaced for the old one (no.24/1999/PL-UBTVQH10).

According to this law, all citizens who hold North Sudan passports or the republic of the Sudan must obtain Vietnam visa so as to visit Vietnam legitimately. Therefore, tourists from Sudan or the republic of the Sudan need to show Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers at all border gateways of Vietnam in order to avoid any problems.

Also, this law system stated that there is no discrimination between Sudan passport and other countries world-wide. Sudan passport holders are able to apply throughout travel agencies or via reputable Vietnam visa website which are able to guarantee for them to hold Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers in advance or approval letter before going Vietnam.

*** Who are unable to enter Vietnam? Who can’t get Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers?

Children are under 14 years old who do not travel with parents or guardians.
Who use fake documents to enter Vietnam.
People had used unofficial documents and fake proofs so as to gain Vietnam visa.
Expats who used to be forced to exit out from Vietnam for 3 years and this fine is not expired yet.

How many ways to get Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers?

There are 2 legal methods in order to gain Vietnam visa for Sudan passengers:

***Though Visa on arrival is not a paperwork derived from Embassy but it is legitimated by law. This online visa system is now available for tourist and working visa.

First of all: fill-in your information directly at:

After that: we will send you the approval letter from the Immigration department within 24 hours (normal service). It takes 4-8 hours for urgent service and less than 30 minutes for emergency case.

Final step: print out the approval letter we sent you to gain Visa sticker onto your passport at Vietnam airports.

  • Apply Vietnam visa for Sudan passengers at Embassy

You are able to gain Vietnam visa for Sudanese passengers back after at least 5- 7 working days. Once documents are possessed, you will gain a fully stamp Visa on your passport in advance.

Even this way brings to you Vietnam visa in advance but you have to show many complicated documents and certificates such as: invitation letter from an organization or an individual in Vietnam, proof of entry purpose, application form and 2 passport photos in the size of 4×6 cm.

Vietnam Embassy information for Sudanese – سفارة جمهورية فيتنام الاشتراكية

We regret to inform with you that there is no Vietnam Embassy or the Consulate of Vietnam set up in Sudan or the republic of Sudan up to now. Hence, it is better to choose Vietnam visa upon arrival or those who are living outside Sudan can go to Vietnam Embassy at the current location to apply Vietnam visa directly. Kindly find Vietnam Embassy address world-wide here.

Useful information you need to know – دليل السفر فيتنام, فيتنام نصائح السفر, معلومات فيتنا

1. Check your passport’s validity
There are so many passengers who miss-understand that as long as their passports are valid more than 6 months at the point of time they apply visa. This may make them face to problem at the airport when they are unable to check in according to the air-line regulations.

2. Study whether you need Visa or not
Currently there are some countries accept for tourists to make Visa at the airport without applying in advance. However, Vietnam has not offered this policy yet. In case you visit Vietnam without visa, you have to leave out of Vietnam less than 24 hours.

3. Prepare stamping fee in case
This matter sounds simple but passengers may meet problem if they use Visa on arrival and the think that they are able to pay for the stamping fee by credit card. There is no ATM or cashier machine before passing throughout the Immigration desk. Furthermore, credit card is not acceptable at the visa landing counter.