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Vietnam work visa cost | Vietnam business visa 2018

Currently the number of foreigners who work and live in Vietnam has been increased steadily. Therefore, Vietnam work visa is compulsory to stay and work here. How much Vietnam work visa cost?

Vietnam work visa cost – Who can apply for Vietnam work visa? 

Vietnam working visa is issued for foreigners who work in Vietnam legally:
Foreign investors (who contribute capital in a business/ company in Vietnam)
Representative of Government’s branch office
Lawyers who have obtained license from Vietnam Government
Who want to work in Vietnam
Enter Vietnam for joining conference, selling

If you plan to go to Vietnam for working and you did not apply for a job in advance. Let’s apply with us at: We require you no documents. Vietnam working visa or business visa is valid from 1 month up to 1 year. The procedure takes from 2-3 working days. Learn more about Vietnam working visa on arrival here.

Furthermore, we would like to update you the Vietnam work visa cost 2018 as below:

1 applicant 2-3 applicants 4-5 applicants 6-9 applicants 10+ applicants
1 month single 68 66 64 62 60
1 month multiple 73 71 69 67 65
3 months single 93 91 89 87 85
3 months multiple 108 106 104 102 100
6 months multiple 278 276 274 272 270
1 year multiple 418 416 414 412



What is Vietnam business visa? Is it same as Vietnam working visa?

Legal foundation: decision no.47/2014/QH2013, circular no.04/2015/TT-BCA, decree no.11/2016/ND-CP. These stipulate clearly manage working visa for foreigners and temporary resident card.

Vietnam business visa is a non-immigrant visa to Vietnam. It is called DN visa and it is valid as Vietnam working visa. Furthermore, Vietnam business visa is suitable for those who want to stay for a short period for business relationship which does not require actual labor, receiving payment from Vietnam’s source. Vietnam business visa is valid from 1 month up to 1 year up to applicant’s demand. Not only that, this type of Visa is easy to extend compared to other types of working visa (LD, B1,B2…) and tourist visa type.

Where to get Vietnam work visa?

Currently, there are 2 ways to apply Vietnam work visa: going to Vietnam Embassy or applying online and pick it upon arrival.

However, applying at Vietnam Embassy requires you many documents:
Business register form
Certificate of company seal
Application form
Original passport
Temporary resident card

Since 2012, you can get Vietnam work visa at Vietnam airports by fill in the online application form here.