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Is Vietnam safe to go now 2020 | Necessary travel tips

Spring and Summer are high peaks of tourism. However, many travelers are wondering “Is Vietnam safe to go now” because of Coronavirus.

Is Vietnam safe to go now 2020 – A great year for Vietnam’s foreign policy

Yes, it is!

The Facts and situations

*Current update about Coronavirus – Policy to protect travelers and Vietnamese citizens of Vietnamese Authorities:
 The first case of 2019-nCov (Wuhan virus) was found in China on 31st December 2019. Until 12nd Feb 2020, Vietnam had confirmed 14 official cases (only 2 Vietnamese patients). Besides, there are many fake news related to this disease bringing panic to Vietnamese generally and foreigners specifically.

This virus is highlighted as a new type and now had confirmed exist in more than 25 countries and terrorists. The number of deaths is not so high in other countries except China. Also, compared to the number of people who die from the flu each year in America (around 57.000 cases). So far, it is not so scary in fact.

Why we confirmed that Vietnam is still a safe country to visit? Since 27th January, Vietnam authorities had locked all flights from Mainland China and reversely. Surprisingly, 2 Chinese patients are recovered after getting treatment in Vietnam hospital.

What is else, Vietnam Immigration also bans with passport holders who stay in China for more than 14 days from December 2019. They carefully check all passengers at the borders too.

*Vietnam is a safe country for solo female traveler and family:
If you are looking for an interesting and safe country for your first-trip travelling alone, Vietnam is realizable! That is a country that you can find wifi at any coffee shops.

Also, it is also great to discover natural landscape in Vietnam with older children. It must be awesome experience!

*Safe food and Social Order:
+ Vietnam’s food has been well known as healthy food. No need to advertise by many words, it is amazing! Banh mi- voted as 1 of tops delicious sandwich on the world, Pho that is also top reasons for travellers world-wide come here.
+ Vietnam street food– cheap and safe! If you found any stall food on the street which local people usually queue in front of it, just go ahead and enjoy. Such as Thailand, Vietnam street food is normally advisable to try, that is safe and tasty.
+ Grab taxi, Night bus are safe and realizable: if you are able to check the cost with a certain distance, it is reliable! Scam taxi maybe exits, so just ask the price in advance in case you want to catch a taxi on the street. If something got wrong, finding on the internet the phone number of City Hall and contacting, Vietnamese authorities will protect you.

A great year for foreigners to invest and work here

Vietnam’s twin ASEAN and UNSC positions in 2020 will bring many chances for both foreign investors and employees as well.

Necessary travel tips updated
1. Exchange Vietnam dong before visiting Vietnam’s domestic. Just to make sure you have enough small money to pay for public transportation because transport’s cost in Vietnam is very cheap. However, you can find many exchange spots inside cities such as banks or Gold shops. In Vietnam, Gold shops normally pay a better rate compared to banks and can be realizable.

  1. Riding a motorbike by your-self is not recommended. In fact, the street is little bit smoggy because of high volume of transports on the street. There is very high risk and dangerous. To be fair, it is the 3rd highest reason related to deaths in Vietnam each year. Also, remember to stay on the right if you ride a motorbike or bicycle.
  2. Keeping your money safe! Using bus in Vietnam is not recommended for foreigners because of pickpocket. Security belt is high voted to make sure you keep all money along with you when walking on the streets.
  3. Help phases that necessary for your trip:
    + Bao nhieu? (How much?)
    + Toi se bao cong an. (I will report to police)
    + Xin chao (Hello)
    + Cam on (Thank you)
    + Toi khong can. ( I do not need it!)
    + Xin loi (Sorry)